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You can support Mirths and Monsters in a number of ways. Firstly, tell your friends and family to listen! Share the episodes to your twitter or Facebook pages. You can also leave us a friendly review on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Podbean or Facebook.

You can financially support us by supporting our sponsors, or if you’d like to contribute directly to the podcast, you can become a patron on Podbean here and contribute a dollar a month or more. Anyone who donates $5 or more will receive perks…some podcast swag and extra listening opportunities. Give our patron page a peek for all the details!

You can get in touch with us a number of ways:

@mirthsnmonsters on twitter

@mirthsandmonsterspod on instagram

Check out our facebook page (and maybe leave a review!) at

Join our Mirther community through our Facebook Group and meet other mirthy folks just like yourself! Hear about upcoming episodes, chat about recent ones, and interact with the community (ok, mostly we just love on each other’s pet photos!) by going to facebook and searching for Mirths and Monsters Group AKA Finn’s Fanclub or clicking here. Our admin will add you as quickly as possible. Hope to see you there!